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ALL 7th- 12th


We are headed back to Super Summer!  Those who were able to go last year had a great week and said they were looking forward to next summer.  Well, very soon it will be "next summer."  This year Super Summer is slated for June 26-30.  We will be going to the week at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri.

What is Super Summer?
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How do we know the Bible is dependable?

How do we know it is without error and fully from God? The evidence is overwhelming! Together, by the end of our week, we will see clearly that the Bible is God’s Word; from which we share the greatest story ever told!

To sign up, please first sign up here so we know who is planning on going and who to expect a form from.  It will take you 30 seconds and helps us immensely in our planning.  You will then need to fill out all forms (registration form, medical release form, roommate form).  The forms can be downloaded below and must be completed returned to the church office by April 30th.  We want to ensure everyone has a spot who desires to go.  We may be able to add students up to June 1st, but it all depends upon availablity of space and the cost will increase as well.

The cost for Super Summer is $229 per student/adult.  Howerver, our church has budgeted into our youth ministry funds to cover enough that we are asking $100 per student/adult if you register by April 30th.  If you do not make the early-bird cutoff, the price goes up to $120 because the cost for each registration increases to $249.  If you are planning on attending, please sign up today!


Super Summer 2023
Student Sign-Up

Please leave a phone number for a Parent/guardian, should we need to contact them.

Thanks for signing up! See you in June! Make sure you've downloaded all the extra forms.  Remember to turn them in no later than April 30th!

Registration Closed

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