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Small Group Bible Study

Small Group Bible Study, also know as Sunday School, is a great time to connect with fellow believers. Sunday School meets every Sunday at 9:30am. Below you will find a variety of classes to choose from, for all ages and walks of life. If you have any questions or if you want to know which class fits you best, feel free to call the office. Click here for a map of class locations.

Give any of these classes a try! 

Sunday School- Kids and Teens

1-3 Year Olds- Nursery

Babies/1 Year Olds - Curtis Giffin & Sarah Mires Room 103/Nursery

2 Year Olds - Shari Booth & Beth Mires Room 102

3 Year Olds - Gary & Tonya Hann, LaDonna Auten Room 104


4 Year Olds- 4th Grade- Basement of Auditorium Building

4 Year Olds - Karissa Hill & Morgan Hoza Room 002

5 Year Olds - Valyssa Stark & Nate Sparks Room 006

1st Grade - Marcia Alsup 

2nd Grade - Phyllis Schimming

3rd Grade – James Downing

4th Grade - Tiffany Kendrick

Rotation Teachers: John Booth, Becky McKim, Cindy Mires, Jacob Katsion, & Karamaneh Downing


5th-12th Grade- 2 story building on the corner of Laura St. & Jenkins St

5th Grade – Brian & Amy Sparks  Room 205

6th Grade—Jason & Tiffani Haer Room 209

Junior High—Josh & Angie McKim Room 201

Freshman/Sophomore—Sarah Jackson, Nathan & Keri Bilke Room 205

Junior/Senior—Micah & Verlena Coston Room 208

Sunday School- Adults

College – Zach Weston & Pat Jenkins-

This class serves as a solid bridge for students fresh out of high school, in college, or in a young professional position. They emphasize the need to stay connected to their home church, but also serve as a “church away from home” for university students from out of town. This class enjoys picking topics that will be covered in later lessons, and any student out of high school to career is welcome to attend.

(Basement) Room 024

Koinonia - John Katsion-

This class seeks to teach and encourage a biblical worldview while fostering relationships through fellowship! The Koinonia class does this by having at least one outing every month, whether it be picnics or game nights, to get to know one another. Once a year they do a study on marriage or raising children, and all are welcome to join their class!

(Youth Room, 2 Story Building)


Young Couples I- Daniel McKim-

A Bible Study for young couples. Whether you are newlywed or been married for several years, this class teaches Biblical principles for the next steps in life.

(Across the street in The MAX, White Building, in kitchen area)

The Pastor's Class - Paul McKim-

A class that has a good sense of community across generations. They dig into the word book-by-book and have several opportunities to fellowship outside of class. Everyone is welcome to join their class!

(Basement) Room 014


Sandwich Class-

A loving group of everyday folks who engage in lively discussions regarding how scriptures relate to everyday life. By blanketing each other in prayer and fellowship, they build one another up and aren’t just your ordinary small group. They mainly study from Andy Stanley’s video series. Outside of class they enjoy each other’s fellowship, community service, and helping out in church ministry in whatever way they can. Adults with adult children are welcome to attend!

(Basement) Room 015


The Joy Class - Ron McIntyre-

Life lessons to engage adults at or approaching retirement age to discover and understand God’s word for themselves, and also love to serve the Lord. Outside of class you will find them serving in service projects and other needs in our church family.

(Basement) Room 013


Adult Ladies - Phyllis Ware-

Life lessons to engage women to discover and understand God’s word, and come together to encourage each other through difficult times. They study from Bible Studies for Life and enjoy serving one another.

(Basement) Room 018

Married Couples - Tim Melvin-

Bible basics devotional for couples. They are small in number, but open and sharing!  This class studies from IVP Bible Studies, and is geared for married couples, but anyone is welcome to join!

(Basement) Room 019

Special Adults - Dean Heflin-

For adults with special needs. They study from Access Bible Studies and like to cover each other in prayer and share what Jesus has been doing in their lives.  

(Basement) Room 017

Empty Nesters – Darren Sigman & Randy Jackson-

 Life truths for now empty nesters that lead impossibly busy lives—geared toward strengthening individuals, couples, and entire families. They study from Explore the Bible and anyone is welcome to join their class!

(Basement) Room 106

Nomads - M.C. Derr-

For adults of any age—an in-depth study of the Bible. This class loves to blanket each other in prayer and loves to give back in whatever way they can, either through prayer, service or financially. All adults are welcome to their class!

(Basement) Room 012


Discovery Class - Roger & Susan Baker-

Searching God’s truth for application in our lives through studying and application. Studies from Explore the Bible and video studies. Outside of class they get together for food and fellowship and service ministry. Any adult is welcome to join their class! (Basement) Room 021

Bible Background - David Mires-

For adults of any age—an in-depth study of the Bible for discovering His truth for our lives. They enjoy digging into the word and serving the church in whatever needs may arise. Anyone is welcome to join their class!

(Fellowship Hall) Room 107

Senior Couples - Charlene Saunders-

Seeks to equip, encourage, and minister to couples in their retirement years, who love each other and love the Lord, and endeavor to be a blessing to others. They study from Bible Studies for Life quarterly and would welcome any senior adults in their class!

(Fellowship Hall) Room 108

Win More- Jamie Henggeler -

Seeks to equip, encourage, and minister to women in their retirement years, motivating them to share their valuable experiences with younger generations. They serve by doing nursing home and hospital visits, as well as building one another up in prayer and fellowship. All senior ladies are welcome to join!

(Family Room, off the narthex) Room 101

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