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The Worship Choir is a wonderful group of willing people dedicated to giving worship and praise to God.  They provide musical opportunities throughout the year for our congregation and community to hear the Gospel.


The Worship Team is a group of musicians providing worship music in the 10:45 service.  The group is continually working on new music to share.  The desire of the group is to engage all people in worship to God by modeling that through their worship to God.  They rehearse on Wednesday evenings together.

Worship Music

On Sunday evenings we have been blessed to have Rebecca share some of her original music that she composes from Scripture.  Enjoy the music below and use it to draw close to God in worship.

Exodus 34:6-7Rebecca Evans
00:00 / 05:19
Habakkuk 24-5Rebecca Evans
00:00 / 03:03
Is 63, Rev 48,11, 52,13Rebecca Evans
00:00 / 04:39
KeeperRebecca Evans
00:00 / 02:57
Only YouRebecca Evans
00:00 / 04:43
Great is Your FaithfulnessRebecca Evans
00:00 / 04:19
I Will ForgiveRebecca Evans
00:00 / 04:16
Isaiah 57:15Rebecca Evans
00:00 / 02:13
Micah 6:8 - James 4:6Rebecca Evans
00:00 / 02:59
Ps 34:18, 25:16-17, 147:3, 27:9-10Rebecca Evans
00:00 / 04:26

Join the Worship Choir

Thursdays at 6 pm in

the choir room (Basement of auditorium).

You are still welcome to join us!

Want to serve God through music?

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