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APRIL 28-29

ALL 7th- 12th


April 28-29 we will be taking youth to Freshwater Church in Jefferson City, Missouri for the Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC). From the name you can conclude the focus will be training youth for evangelism. The event is described as “an opportunity for students to be encouraged and trained to advance the gospel in their world with the good news of Jesus Christ.”


All 7th-12th grade youth of LSBC are invited to sign up for YEC. The cost will be $15 plus additional money for meals while in transit (2 meals). We plan on leaving from the church on Sunday, January 15 by 11:00am after Sunday School. The schedule for YEC can be downloaded below.


I am asking that students leave nonmedical electronics and devices at home. I will make a concession for this trip for phones, but phones are to be used for calling and texting home. Phones are not to be used for social media while on this trip. Phones may not be used for playing videos or music on this trip. Phones are to be turned off and put away during event sessions and at the church. I do not want phones to be a distraction nor dictate our interactions. Think of the phone as a device that calls and texts rather than a social media and entertainment device.


Serve Conference
Student Sign-Up

Please leave a phone number for a Parent/guardian, should we need to contact them.

Thanks for signing up! Check your email for a copy of the schedule!

Registration Closed

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