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A Cardboard Boat Race




Dig through your recycle bin and hit the dumpsters, because it is time for the Cardboard Regatta! Join us out at Mozingo Lake on October 16 at 9 AM to be pitted against other sailors to see who can construct the best watercraft out of just cardboard, glue, and duct tape! Awards include people's choice, best sinking, best construction, best team effort, and divisional. Anyone is welcome to join us, just grab a group of friends, your Sunday school class, or your family and set sail. You don't have to be a part of LSBC to take part either, so feel free to invite a group from work or other community groups you might be a part of. Full rules and sign-up below!

Materials Allowed






You may build your boat however you want! Whether you build a cruise liner or a survival raft is up to you, it just must be made out of only cardboard, liquid nails (or similar) and standard duct tape. Cardboard bonded to other materials such as vinyl, plastic, wood, etc. are not allowed. Paint is allowed, but no epoxies or fiberglass resins. Products such as Gorilla Tape or Flex Seal are not allowed. You may, however, use products such as Thompson's Water Seal. No nails, screws, or other fasteners may be used except to fasten decorations that will not affect boats' ability to float. Judges will have the final say on what is allowed, so it is best to err on the side of caution as to not affect your final outcome!

Other Rules

All persons entering the water must have properly fastened personal Flotation Devices on while in the water! Your boat will be subjected to an inspection by the judges before they set sail to ensure they meet the requirements set forth as well as check all crew for PFDs. All participants are required to sign a hold harmless agreement/waiver on the day of the event before entering the water.

The course will consist of completing one lap around two buoys 75 yards apart giving a total of 150 yards The boats will make one complete lap around the course and will have completed the race when all the crew reaches the finish line. 

Course Map

Boat Race Map.jpg

All Boats launch for the northern end of the beach, out to between 2 northern buoys, across the swim area approx. 75 yards, around the 75 yard south buoy, back 75 yards to the finish. 
Weather or other unforeseen events may alter the racecourse or length.

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